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Barbour - Re-proofing your wax jacket

by Clarkes Country Stores on September 06, 2021
Barbour Rewaxing Guide 


We all love our Barbour wax jackets but there comes a time when they’ll need a little TLC. Introducing the Barbour wax dressing for you to re-wax at home. Using this clear wax dressing you can give your favourite jacket a makeover. We’ve put together a few simple steps for you to follow so your jacket can look good as new once again.

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First of all, here are a few important things you might want to know about your jacket. There are two different types of wax used, one is the thornproof dressing mainly for heavier weight jackets and lightweight wax used on lighter jackets.

You should make sure you never put your jacket in the washing machine to ensure the wax dressing stays intact. To find out which wax you’ll need for your jacket, simply look inside the jacket for the Barbour Care Label which will tell you.

What you’ll need: Wax | Bowl | Sponge/Cloth | Hot Water


Barbour Rewaxing - Preparation


Step 1 - Preparation

Make sure you have the correct type of wax for your jacket. Clean your jacket using cold water and a sponge, gently wiping down the outside layer.


Step 2 - Soften the wax

Remove the lid of the tin and pop into a jug of warm enough water to soften the wax. This process will take approximately 20 minutes for the wax to soften to a liquid consistency.



Barbour rewaxing - Waxing your jacket

Step 3 – Waxing your jacket

Keep the tin in the jug of warm water while you work the wax into the jacket using a clean cloth or sponge. Always start at the back of the jacket and work your way forward, paying attention to detail when it comes to the seams and creases.


Step 4 – Dry your jacket

To ensure you get an extra smooth finish, use a hair dryer to get an even spread of wax over the jacket. Remember to keep a little distance with this as you don’t want to heat that wax up too much.




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